Patch Notes 5/25/2013

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Patch Notes 5/25/2013

Post by Ragnawind on Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:18 am

Here are the Patch Notes found on the officil forums for June 5, posted by Njoror, one of the game's CMs:

Ragnarok 2 US Patch Notes – June 5, 2013

1.      Kafra Shop (New Items)

A.       VIP Package (New Spore Name Tag)
B.       Premium Mount Box III
C.       Munil’s Costume Random Box II
D.       Munil’s Accessory Random box III
E.        Red Footed Tortoise
F.        Guardian Rune
G.       Acc. Fusion Tablet
H.       Costume Fusion Tablet
I.          Rune Maintain Slate
J.         Appearance Maintain Slate
K.       Card Designated Synthesis
L.        Card Designated Synthesis Bundle
M.     Phantom Pyramid 3rd, 6th, 7th Floor rewards are being changed.
                                   i.              3rd Floor Reward: Memorable RO Prop Box I -> Memorable RO Prop Box II
                                 ii.              6th Floor Reward: FoxWolf Random Box -> Ali Baba Random Box
                               iii.              7th Floor Reward: Phantom Cape -> Hero Cape

2.      Area

A.       [Bug Fix] Monsters behind pillar not able to attack the character in Secret Forest Tomb has been fixed
B.       Characters able to go through the map from lake in Western Mjolnir Mountain area has been fixed
3.      Quest

A.       Union Quests have been added
4.      System

A.       Daily Reward System has been added
                                   i.              1st day reward: Wind Elixir
                                 ii.              2nd day reward: Red Potion(VI)
                               iii.              3rd day reward: Spinel Purple Potion
                               iv.              4th day reward: Speed Elixir
                                 v.              5th day reward: Heavenly Sausage
B.       Hourly Reward System has been added
                                   i.              1 Hour Reward: Explorer’s Red Potion
                                 ii.              2 Hours Reward: Spinel Repair Kit
                               iii.              3 Hours Reward: Screw Fin Cocktail
5.      Icon to distinguish Male/Female items

A.       Mushroom Hat (Female)
B.       Mushroom Hat (Male)
C.       Mushroom Costume (Female)
D.       Mushroom Costume (Male)
E.        Recruit Hat (Female)
F.        Recruit Hat (Malt)
G.       Recruit Costume (Female)
H.       Recruit Costume (Male)
6.      Monthly Costume

A.       Additional
Stats for monthly costume will be transferred from ‘Recruit’,
‘Tuxedo/Wedding Dress’ to ‘Goth Guy’ and ‘Goth Girl’ Set

B.       Set effect for Alibaba set items (+10 STR/AGI/WIS/INt/VIT, +30% item drop – when equipped both hat and costume)
C.       Set effect for Goth Guy/Goth Girl set items (+5 STR/AGI/WIS/INt/VIT – when equipped both hat and costume)
D.       Additional stats in Recruit, Tuxedo/Wedding Dress will be removed
7.      Khara Title

A.       Founder title stats have been adjusted to be less overpowered:
STR +5
AGI +5
WIS +2
VIT +8


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