Patch Notes 6/11/13

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Patch Notes 6/11/13

Post by Ragnawind on Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:44 pm

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June 12, 2013 Ragnarok 2 Patch Notes

1. Kafra Shop
A.       Following items will be removed from the shop
i. VIP Package (Poring name tag version)
ii. VIP Membership card (1 Day) (Poring name tag version)
iii. Premium Mount Box II
iv. Petit
v. Munil’s Costume Random Box I
vi. Munil’s Accessory random box II
B.        ‘MD Recommended’ changed to ‘WP Recommended’ / Icon MD was also changed to WP
C.       Used period for VIP item will be shown in Kafra Shop description.

2. Phantom Cape and Hero Cape can be fused
Following items are acquirable upon fusion:
-      Angel Wings
-      Devil Wings
-      Santa Wings
-      Santa Bag
-      Hero Cape
-      Phantom Cape

3. Items sold during the beta can be fused.
Following items are acquirable upon fusion:
-      Snorkle
-      Santa Hat
-      Santa Wings
-      Santa Rudolph
-      Santa Bag
-      Beach Memory
-      Vacance
-      Santa for Man
-      Santa Lady
4.      Localization fixes have been implemented.
5.      Character location info has been added to Character selection screen.
6.      Rewards system timer has been adjusted to center of window.
7.      Option to toggle own name, VIP effects, guild, and titles has been added.
8.      Map Auto-Close bug when talking to an NPC has been fixed.  Will be a tomorrow client patch
9.      The issue that caused players to zone into the Colosseum and immediately die has been resolved.
10.  Additional server checks have been implementing for players who were being disconnected when changing zones. This should reduce the chance a player can be disconnected while changing zones.
11. Effect for Gathering is updated, lootable has 1 color, harvestable has another.  This is to make it easier to distinguish what you can interact with.
12. Current server time clock added to the UI of the Minimap.  it is displaying local time, but will be a client patch to fix soon
13. Colosseum champion announcements will no longer state the #.

14.  Happy Hour Changes:  Please note to get optimal drop rate you must be within 5 levels of the monster, drop rate lowers significantly when outside that range.
Pandora’s Box and Mallet Drop
Have a chance to drop off all monsters
New Times: Daily
4am-5am PDT
12pm-1pm PDT
4pm-5pm PDT

Karnium Drop
Has a chance to drop off dungeon and raid bosses
New Time: Daily
12am-1am PDT
8am-9am PDT
8pm-9pm PDT

Additional fixes squeezed into this patch:

1.      Additional Sound Settings
- NPC Voice
- Environmental sound
- Effect Sound
- UI Sound
2.      Whisper Blocking next week
3.      Toggle for other players VIP icon. Later
a.      We have shrunk other players VIP icon by 30% for right now.


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